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Showcased on The People's Book Prize - Will you vote for me?

I'm excited to announced that my debut novel, Don't Forget Me, is being showcased on The People's Book Prize, a unique award, because instead of winners being selected by a jury, they are selected by you, the reader.

Designed to promote new authors, and bring their books to a wider audience, the prize also champions the eradication of illiteracy. All in all, it's a quite wonderful thing to be part of.

If you've read Don't Forget Me, and enjoyed it, I'd be so very happy if you'd consider voting for it, and perhaps leaving a nice comment.

Here's the voting page:

And you can buy the book from all these lovely places, or in your local independent book shop:

- Amazon

- Book Depository

- Waterstones

- WHSmith

- World of Books

I'm crossing my fingers and hoping to get a few votes. Wish me luck...

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